Crandon Park Beaches - North and South Beach on Key Biscayne
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Lifeguard stand at Crandon Beach
Crandon Park Beaches take up the north and eastern shore of Key Biscayne all the way from the Village of Key Biscayne boundary (where the residents of Key Biscayne live) to the Bear Cut Bridge.  The property of Crandon Park continues on the west side of the Island, the western 1/3 of Key Biscayne and in that property is found the Links of Key Biscayne and the facilities that started as The Lipton Tennis Tournament  and is currently the Nasdaq 100 Tennis Tournament.
Crandon Beach looking South
Crandon Beach Lots of Sand
But in all honesty, why most of us come here and live here, it is for the beach.
Crandon Beach is the whole northern one third of Key Biscayne and on the South side of the residential area is the Cape Florida State Park
Both parks are open 365 days a year and are open from 8 AM until Sunset.
Because of the wonderful miles of beaches that surround the island and that  the Key is naturally protected from any more expansion, property values can only go up as this is a great place.  It is equally as beautiful from the ocean but in an entirely different way.  The entire island of Key Biscayne opens up with all of the beaches, sandbars, and channels cut through the island with clear water revealing marine life below.  In order to reserve your time on a privately captained vessel, it is important to do that in advance as much as is possible. Check out boat charters here.
Volleyball at Crandon Beach
Sunbathing in the Surf at Crandon Beach
Crandon Park was once home to the Crandon Park Zoo, which is now the Crandon Gardens, and used to have a train that went around the Zoo on a regular basis.  Some remains of the train tracks are still left exposed to this day, and where the zoo once stood is now home to cages without bars and picnic tables where the native birds, turtles, and reptiles run freely.  Residents and guests to Key Biscayne alike enjoy both the Crandon Beaches as well as the Crandon Gardens.
Crandon Park Zoo Railroad Tracks in the pavement at
                Crandon Park Beach

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