Key Biscayne's Cape Florida's No Name Harbor

No name harbor at key biscayne cape
              florida state park restaurant 'boater's grill'
In the middle of 'No Name Harbor' looking towards Cape Florida State Park
The obvious question is how it is possible that a harbor have no name. Furthermore, to name this harbor with no name
'No Name Harbor' is something that is unusual all by itself. 
According to Mr. Don Berg, one of the original land developers
on Key Biscayne, and owner of the famous restaurant "The English Pub, and The Jamaican Inn" tells the story.  Mr. Berg says
 " Before the land became a park, it was privately held property. There were plans that were drawn up to make the acreage that
 today is Cape Florida State Recreation area,  a development that included condominiums, residential and estate homes and
everything else that makes up a first class development."   In fact there were also plans to build another "overseas highway"
(a series of bridges) from what is now the Cape Florida State Park and Recreation Area south to Soldier's Key, to the Ragged
Keys, past Boca Chita, Sands Key and cutting through Elliott Key eventually letting out at Card Sound on the Northernmost
tip of the island of Key Largo.  It would then join the other overseas highway which runs all the way to Key West.  Thankfully
this idea was voted out of people's minds since part of this plan was to begin the bridge at the southern point of South Beach
on Miami Beach cutting through Fisher Island, Virginia Key, then Key Biscayne to end up letting out at Cape Florida.

Key Biscaynes No Name Harbor Cape Florida       No name Harbor taken from Boaters Grill in Cape
 No Name Harbor-Key Biscayne in background                              No Name Harbor from Boater's Grill Restaurant

What a nightmare of a plan and countless generations will be glad that it never happened.  Now back to 'No Name Harbor'... 

"With nothing to start with, as the survey and planning stage was underway, the body of water that is today "No Name Harbor"
had no name, so since this body of water had no name and the architect and engineers had to indicate on the renderings that this
area was a body of water, in fact in the shape of a harbor, so that is what was written down on the architectural renderings.  Where
the plans had the harbor drawn, in the middle of the harbor is written "Harbor..(no name)".   The development, of course never
came to be, but the name "No Name Harbor" stuck.   The harbor with no name  today is officially named and recognized
as  "No Name Harbor".
   If you are planning on boating into the harbor, 'No Name Harbor' does has some rules that you should
check out and also some information on anchorage and mooring
at 'No Name Harbor' that you will not find in any cruising guide.
Of Course. The minute that Cape Florida became a State Park, count on layers of government to totally screw things up
without letting anybody know.  Just for your information, standard rules apply such as the harbor being a 'no wake zone',
a 'no swimming zone' which you would never know on any given weekend as the entire harbor is filled with people floating
around on the noodles and small floats, young children jumping off of the highest parts of any boat, and as would be
standard fare in any given boating environment, most adults are fairly intoxicated and pose that danger to themselves
and everyone else especially after it gets dark.  No Name Harbor is a good place to use extraordinary caution.

Boater's Grill No Name Harbor Key Biscayne       Empty No Name Harbor with storm moving in
Boater's Grill at No Name Harbor in Cape Florida                         Storm moving in, boats moved out of No Name Harbor

'Boater's Grill' restaurant in cape florida park on Key
        Biscayne, Florida
The 'Boater's Grill' restaurant located at the head of 'No Name Harbor' in Cape Florida State Park and Recreation Area on Key Biscayne

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