Columbus Day Regatta Key Biscayne Florida
.Columbus Day Regatta Weekend
Columbus Day Regatta Sailboats The Columbus Day Regatta weekend (Columbus Day Regatta 2004) is a weekend like none other in Biscayne Bay or in South Florida or in the continental United States. Many professional partygoers have stated that this event makes the "Marti Gras" in New Orleans look tame. This is supposed to be about a Regatta.  A very respectable sport with a grand and diverse tradition.  Sailboats line the horizon of Biscayne National Park by the thousands.  The leeward side of Elliott Key with its miles of crystal clear water over miles of virgin seagrass is a virtual parking lot filled with every type of boat imaginable. Elliott Key is located 15 - 18 miles south of Key Biscayne, and just south of Soldier Key, the Ragged Keys, Boca Chita,Sands Key, and Sands Cut and in that order.(map)  If it  floats and you can get people on it, chances are that you will see it here during this event.  Columbus Day Regatta girls on boat
Elliott Key Columbus Day Regatta Sun and Fun The occupants of the vessel may or may not be clothed.  That may or may not be fun to see.  But that is the reality of  the Columbus Day Regatta "Finishing Line" party area.  People come from all over the world for a very large series of parties and the boat race that lasts at least three days every year, weather permitting.    A hedonistic celebration perhaps most accurately describes the none stop music, dancing, drinking in excess, and clothing optional atmosphere that continues on for miles and for days (and at nights too). Water guns, inflatable toys of every category imaginable, flags that have never been seen before, and a general over all attitude of "anything goes" contributes to the sense that "we are not in Kansas anymore". US Customs verifying that all vessels have the lights on
Sunburns in a very crowded environment off of Elliott Key, Florida If you would just like to navigate your boat in and through the miles of swimmers, floaters, rafts of large boats, inner-tubes, canoes, kayaks, flying beads, and girls who do happen to be wearing a top, flash you, you can expect to get soaking wet.  Tradition dictates that everyone should have, fully loaded, water-soaking water guns of the largest size available, along with a selection of water balloons.  Guys and girls who look like they are just floating around under the surface who give you a nice smile are about to completely soak you with a six foot watergun.  Be prepared to get wet, or to retaliate. It is all done in good fun.  Loud dancing music, salsa, rock music fills the air along the smell of high octane fuel, high octane adult beverages, beer,  and suntan lotion.  The party does not stop.  The sky is full of sunburn quality sun, kites, phallic inflatables, and flying bead necklaces into the hands of topless bathers of every persuasion.  All a 30 minute boat ride from Key Biscayne. Great White sailboat off of Key Biscayne coming to Elliott Key
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