Mardi Gras on the water - Biscayne Bay's Columbus Day Regatta
.Columbus Day Regatta Weekend
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The unofficial motto  is "What race?".  This is certainly the place where the bizarre is the norm, the unusual to be expected, skin that has never seen the light of day (and in many cases it would be a service to society if it never did see the light of day) to get burned into that shade of color located between bubble gum and lobster red shade.  It can be painful to just look at, realizing that this intoxicated bearer who is still laying in the sun laughing it up will only fully realize the luxuries that so many of us take for granted.  Like being able to sit down, or to be able to sleep without the sheets hurting.   If that is your idea of a good time you should mark your calendar.  It should probably go without saying that this party part of the Columbus Day Regatta festivities is not a typical family affair and it would not be recommended that children attend certain portions of the finish line party.  The Columbus Day Regatta race is something totally different and should not be confused with the excessive celebration of the event. Pictures of the 2004 Columbus Day Regatta can be found here.
Boat full of booty at the Columbus Day Regatta In fact knowingly exposing minors to some of the more risque activities could have legal implications.   For many of us locals, we stay at a safe distance with junior.  Many families do attend so don't get the idea that this event is 7 square miles of debauchery.  6.75 square miles is a safer guess.  Families raft together where all can enjoy the masses of boats, people, and diverse lifestyles from a safe (outside of binocular range) distance. Many families that do not want to participate in the shenanigans of the wilder side and will secure their boats together in a quieter location and have just as much fun only without the hangover and sunburn on private parts.  This can be a fun time to be had by all, but it would be advisable to keep the children below decks if passage through "party central" is unavoidable until suitable anchorage is found. Closer to shore on the leeward side of Elliott Key, Sands Key, or Boca Chita are all "family friendly" where you can be close enough to see all of the boats sailing yet far enough away to fully enjoy the event.
2002 model Bow Winch on-board at Coumbus Day Regatta, Florida
Elliott Key Hammock laying on a sailboat during Columbus Day Regatta
Learjet viewing of the Columbus Day Regatta by Elliott Key, Key Biscayne, Florida
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2004 Columbus Day Regatta pics
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